Finite Medical provides a wide range of services.

Business Development

• Technology commercialization and new venture formation
• Emerging enterprise strategy
• Business, marketing & funding plans for high tech., medical technology and biotech
   based enterprise
• Intellectual property
• Investor presentations and planning
• Core Technical Expertise
• Core Business Expertise
• Investigate applications to new markets.
Product in-Licensing
Obtain new technology from physicians, universities, or other companies.
Product out-Licensing
Find and negotiate a partnership that accelerates your product or technology success.

Product Development

• Product Development Strategy
• Building objectives, Goals, Strategies, R & D Project Planning
• Planning for accelerated R & D
• Product Feasibility and Analysis
• Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study
• Technical and Economic Product Feasibility Relative to Market Needs
• Product Concept Demonstration
• Fabrication and Testing of Prototypes
• Product Prototype Development
• Quality Systems and Risk Management

Regulatory and Clinical Strategy

• Pre Clinical Testing
• Biocompatibility, Performance Testing (Electronic, Mechanical, Disposable), Efficacy, Materials    Characterization, Packaging, Shipping, Sterilization Validation
• Management of Clinical Trials
• Regulatory Approval Process

Manufacturing and outsourcing Capability

• Help with creative strategic marketing and manufacturing plans
• Manufacturing to cost or cost reduction
• Outsourcing capability, Audit, Qualification
• Process and Product Validations (IQ/OQ/PQ)
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